“As a theatre we’ve always been bogged down in just promoting what’s on when but we’ve found that Catherine’s creative flare for thinking up interesting content outside of our usual promotional stuff has really helped us to stand out as a business and we are noticing much more engagement with our posts. Catherine has done wonders to boast our presence on social media too and we’d certainly recommend her to others.” 

Glyn Doggett, Manager of The Market Theatre Company
“I attended one of Catherine’s workshops recently and I found her to be knowledgeable about her subject and also attentive to the group. All of us came from different backgrounds with different requirements and different levels of knowledge and experience. Catherine was able to look specifically at what each of us needed in our industry and give us views and ideas based on her knowledge. It meant that I felt I was getting something quite bespoke although I was in a group.”
Emma Golding, Hitchin Food Rescue Hub
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